Terms and conditions

Booking Early

Early booking gives you discounted access to the camp of your choice with free access to all workshops, camping and firewood. Booking early helps us to plan and facilitate for the right amount of people, and makes your camp experience so much better.


Prices shown include an Early Bird discount of £15 (£10 on Young Adult or Child) on each ticket if booked up to 21 days before your camp begins. On receipt of your payment we will send you confirmation of your place and directions to the camp.


All but the first £30 (admin fee) of your payment will be refundable should you need to cancel at anytime UP TO 21 DAYS before the camp of your choice begins. After this, no refunds will be made other than in exceptional circumstances at the organiser’s discretion.

Communication and privacy

By booking tickets, you agree to receive communications related to our camps from Rainbow Futures. We will not share your information with third parties.


If you have booked for more than one camp and wish to stay on site during the interim period, a extra fee of £10 per night per adult, £10 per young adult and £5 per child for camping will be charged if prior arrangement has been made. The organiser reserves the right to evict any unwelcome guests without explanation.

Young Adult and Child Tickets

Young adults (teens) and children must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.


Lots of people love to record their time at camp on camera and share the photos on social media. We often use these photos on this website. If you don’t want your image to be used on the website, please let us know and provide us with a photo of yourself so we can make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ll also try to make sure photos don’t appear on the camp’s social media groups.

Drugs and alcohol policy

Rainbow Futures camps have a family-friendly ethos and to retain this we ask our camping community to enjoy alcohol responsibly. Failure to co-operate with us on this issue will result in a request to leave the site for the rest of the season.

Illegal drugs are by definition illegal and camp organisers have a responsibility to act if they become aware of the use of, or dealing in, such drugs on the site. Apart from any other consequences, our failure to do so could result in our Local Authority permit being withdrawn and the camps being closed down.

Supplying alcohol or drugs to minors on or off site is completely unacceptable and will result in immediate eviction from site.

When can I arrive?

On the day the camp begins. Please do not arrive before, we need the time and space to prepare the site so you can enjoy it at its best.

Cars on the camping field?

When you arrive at the camp, the welcome gate staff will facilitate your entry, you can then take your car to your chosen camping area for unloading. After unloading you must then take your vehicle to the car park (don’t worry its really close) unless it’s a live in vehicle or you have particular needs you’ve agreed with camp coordinators. All other vehicles must remain in the car park for the duration of the camp.


Thank you for your support