I haven’t received my ticket or booking acknowledgement. What do I do?

Email us on info@rainbowfutures.co.uk and we’ll look into the issue and, if necessary, resend the confirmation or ticket.

If it’s really close to the camp, ring us on 07769 675621. If we can confirm we have your booking, the gate will accept your Paypal receipt as proof.

When can I arrive?

This varies slightly from camp to camp, but in general you can arrive from midday on the start day of the camp, or the portion you’ve booked for.

I’ve never been to camp. What is it like? What do I need to know before I arrive?

Camp is big! But also compact. It takes 3 minutes to walk across site if you don’t stop to talk, potentially all day if you do. It’s in a field with views over England, Wales and down the glorious Severn. You can get involved in everything or just kick back and relax.

We’re putting together a checklist (coming soon!) of things to bring that should help you.

How do I get to camp? Can I use public transport?

The site is 1.5 miles from a major A road with good public transports links. The last stage is often a bus from Gloucester. See the Getting Here page for full details.

Are day tickets available? Can I just come for two days? What will it cost?

This is a decision that each individual camp makes. Some offer day tickets and some don’t, usually because they like to create a community for the length of the camp.

However Druid Camp and Superspirit will allow day entry. The cost depends on the exact day and the length of your stay. Typically it will cost £40 to £50 with an overnight stay. Druid Camp also offers a morning-to-evening ticket for around £25.

Is camp accessible? Can I charge my mobility scooter battery? Can I keep my medication in a fridge.

The site is on a working farm and there are no permanent tracks. Having said that, it is possible for people with limited mobility to enjoy all features of the camp. The main thing is to talk to the camp organisers in plenty of time to discuss your particular requirements.

If you need to charge batteries, be aware that the site is off grid and all power comes from solar panels or generators. While we are happy to help with charging batteries, you should check with their manufacturer to see whether it’s recommended to use solar power or a generator to charge them.

If you need to store your medicine, the cafe has fridge facilities but, being a working kitchen, it’s not ideal to keep medication in them. However, we can usually connect you with somebody who has a fridge in their motorhome or caravan.

Is there a shop onsite? When is the cafe open and what does it serve?

There is no shop onsite but a mobile shop visits twice a day (lunch and evening) during camps to provide milk, bread, bacon, tinned and dried goods, cold drinks, ices and lollies. If you ask, they can often get specific items for you by the next day.

The cafe opens at 8.30 for breakfast and doesn’t stop until the entertainment finishes in the evening, usually around midnight. As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, the cafe serves drinks, cakes and snacks all through the day. The food is mostly hearty and vegetarian. If you want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafe (not including drinks and treats), it will cost about £15 per day.

What facilities are there for kids and teens?

If the camp offers children’s tickets, there will be a children’s area providing activities in the morning and afternoon. This is not a creche and you still need to maintain responsibility for your children.

Some camps will have activities specifically for older children and teens. And SuperSpirit has a dedicated teens area.

Can I bring a camper van / caravan / live in vehicle?

Yes! And there’s no additional charge. If you have a very large vehicle such as a converted coach, we may ask you to park in a specific area near the gate.

Can I bring a dog?

Definitely not. The surrounding fields are an active sheep farm so we aren’t allowed to have dogs on site.