Your wellbeing

The wellbeing of visitors to Rainbow Futures camps is very important to us. Here are a few things to bear in mind to make sure we all stay safe, especially if you’ve not been to one of our camps before.

The main safety principle is: Be sensible. If you think an activity is risky, don’t do it and talk to one of the camp organisers about that risk. If you don’t know who to speak to, ask at the gate or café.


  • We ask that you take your car to the car park once you have unloaded unless you have specific permission.
  • When using a car on the site, drive as slowly as you possibly can.

Fire and wood

  • We allow open fires on site, but please don’t dig a fire pit – surface fires only. Don’t leave fires unattended.
  • We power the showers and sauna with wood fired burners. Don’t add wood to the shower and sauna burners, trained staff will do that.
  • In case of fire, there are fire buckets at the drinking water points and fire extinguishers at key points marked by a red triangle flag, including the café and shower area.


  • Water on site is stored on a fenced off high tower. Don’t try to get over the fence or climb on the tower.
  • Drinking water points are clearly marked. Don’t take drinking water from the hand wash or washing up sinks.
  • When using the showers and saunas, be careful of slipping especially on the entry ramp.
  • The saunas should not be used by unaccompanied children as they cannot regulate their body temperature well.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before using the sauna and leave if you feel dizzy or dehydrated. A water tap is available just outside the sauna.

First aid

  • A First Aid kit is kept at the café and there will be trained first aiders on site.
  • If an injury requires further treatment, there are local Minor Injuries Units – ask for directions or assistance.


  • This is a very safe space for children and many of them will be allowed to run free. But if you do find a lost or distressed child, take them to the Kids’ Area if it’s open or the café if it’s not.
  • The children’s area has climbing frames and other equipment. While every effort is taken to make these as safe as possible, keep an eye on your children and make sure they are using the equipment sensibly.


  • The site is a working farm. Be aware of areas of rough ground which can cause trips or falls. There are also stinging insects and plants, so be careful especially when barefoot.
  • The marquees are surrounded by guy ropes and large metal pegs. Be aware of these and pay particular attention when walking around the site at night.

Thank you!

Rainbow Futures Camps