About Camp

We have an inclusive and experiential ethos, and run our camps to be as friendly as possible. Once you’ve bought your ticket, all workshops and events are free (although there’s occasionally a small charge for materials), and we have great facilities; A wood-fired sauna and showers, ample workshop spaces, vegetarian café, children’s area, firewood, eco loos, and, at our present site, spring water on tap! Our events are as environmentally low-impact as possible.

We’re committed to offering affordable creative holidays, and they’re fantastic fun too. Each camp is a stand-alone event, although many of our regulars come for the whole summer, and enjoy being part of the family we tend to become.

Welcome home.


When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the wonderful staff on the gate. As well as checking you’re “on the list”, they’ll be able to give you advice on where to camp and where to find the facilities. If you’ve never been to the site before, it’s a good idea to find a quiet spot to park and have a wander round on foot to get a feel for the camp and pick a pitch that suits your needs – whether that’s near the sauna or in the quietest corner you can find.

The gate is also the place to hand in anything you find or check for anything you’ve lost.

Morning meeting

All the camps have a morning meeting, usually at 10am every day, except the final day. Here you’ll find out about talks, workshops and entertainment happening that day and it’s also a great way to get the pulse of the camp and find out all the gossip. We can’t stress how important the morning meetings are if you want to get the most out of the camps. After the meeting, the blackboard with that day’s programme will usually be put in the cafe so you can remind yourself of what’s happening.



All the camps provide a menu of talks, workshops, activities, entertainment and healing sessions. These are all included in the price although you may sometimes be asked for a small contribution towards materials used in craft activities and healing sessions.


Looking After Your Kids

Children are very welcome, and camp is a wonderful environment for them to roam and explore knowing that everybody will look out for them. But they’re your kids not ours, and remain your responsibility! All the camps apart from Conscious Connection provide a kids’ area of some kind, check the individual websites for details or talk to the co-ordinators.


Cafe and entertainment

We have a great cafe, the Cafe Fantastico, that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks, cakes and snacks all day long, and often well into the evening. It’s also the venue for musical and other entertainment, which varies from camp to camp, and is a great place to just kick back and watch the colourful world of camp unfold.


Waterworld and toilets

Waterworld is the name we give to the wood fired showers and sauna which are such a treat in a field. Waterworld opens at 8am – you have to give the crew time to get everything up to temperature – and is available until sunset and beyond.

The toilets are currently long drop but we’re really hoping to replace those for this year. A disabled access loo will be provided if there are any campers with restricted mobility, so please let us know in advance of your requirements.

Disabled access

There’s no getting away from the fact that camp is in a field. But it’s a fairly flat field, none of the facilities other than the sauna are accessed by steps, and we will try to help with any of your needs. If you let us know what those needs are in advance, that will make it much easier.


Camp fires are allowed on site, but we ask that you don’t dig or use stones as that causes damage to the field. Firewood is provided and can usually be found near the gate. Please only take what you need, more will be delivered. If a fire gets out of control, there are water barrels around site and you can find fire extinguishers at key locations such as the gate, the cafe and Waterworld.


Once you’ve unpacked your car, we ask that you put it in the adjacent parking field unless you’re living in it or have particular needs you’ve agreed with camp coordinators. This leaves much more room on site and is safer, both from a fire risk point of view or if you need to drive offsite during camp. It also means your cars can have a holiday together.

Taking Your Own Rubbish Away, Keeping the Place Clean

We don’t have facilities for rubbish, but we do have recycling facilities, so we ask that you recycle what you can on site, then take the rest of your rubbish away.  The site crew will keep the shared areas tidy but everything you can do to keep your area of the campsite litter free would be appreciated.

Our Venues

The camps are hosted in the heart of the Forest of Dean set in a beautiful field overlooking the River Severn, hosting the marquees, domes, yurts and other spaces that house us for the summer. Home to several brown hares, who you may be lucky enough to see. On this site, our water comes from St. Anthony’s Well, locally renowned for its healing properties, and runs to our showers and sauna as well as the drinking water and standpipes around the site.

Our facilities are pretty luxurious for an off-grid site, and even include wood fired showers and sauna system! We have many large workshop spaces, a wholesome vegetarian café, children’s area, firewood, eco loos, and even some retail opportunities for you to enjoy. We put a lot of love into our sites so they can be as comfortable and inspiring for you as possible. Our general ethos is one of sustainability and respect, and each camp is as low impact on the land and the environment as possible.

Each summer we have a number of vacancies for crew to help with the running of the camps in exchange for a ticket. If you’re interested, look at the work exchange page.